Adult Musicales

MTAC Santa Monica Bay
2017 Adult Musicales

Natalie Dalschaert, Chair

Date TBA
Venue TBA
    Time TBA

Application Form
Will be available when date, venue, and time are announced.

Rules & Guidelines

Number of Students
  1. Each teacher may enter up to 3 students; maximum 15 minutes total time per teacher.
  2. Student must be a student of an MTAC Santa Monica Bay Branch member, but may perform in a duet/duo or larger ensemble with non-MTAC Santa Monica Bay adult students.
  1. Any solo or ensemble literature (two pianos available)
  2. If you have any questions regarding the appropriateness of your literature, please contact Natalie Dalschaert, Chair.
Application Fees
  1. $10 per student.
  2. Instructions for payment will be provided upon successful online application submission.