Certificate of Merit

MTAC Santa Monica Bay
Certificate of Merit Evaluations

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Piano, Harp, Strings, Voice, Winds & Brass

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2020–2021 Teacher Information Session • OPTIONAL
October 5, 2020 (MON)

ONLINE via Zoom
  • Certificate of Merit is completely online for 2020–2021
  • Teachers will need to take an online quiz to unblock their eligibility
  • The online quiz is available in your teacher portal or via link in e-mail sent by the MTAC State Office
  • The online quiz is to be taken AFTER watching the official CM Teacher Training Video

Deborah How, Branch Co-Chair

Emily Senchuk, Branch Co-Chair

2021 Branch Evaluations
Video Submission Deadline: March 21, 2021


2021 Branch Honors Festival
Date TBA

Westside Music Conservatory (Santa Monica) • TENTATIVE
Afternoon & Evening
(exact recital times will depend on the number of students eligible for Branch Honors)
2021 Branch Honors Festival may be by Video Submission (depending on Covid-19 pandemic)

MTAC Santa Monica Bay CM Branch Honors Festival
Rules & Guidelines • TENTATIVE
  • ALL INSTRUMENTS & VOICE: Levels 4 – Advanced/Panel
  • Student can be in any school grade
  • Students must receive Excellent overall rating on Repertoire
  • Teachers will choose piece for Branch Honors Recital
  • Piece must fit within the time limit guidelines for MTAC State Convention Festival Recitals
  • Teachers may make cuts to piece to fit time limit
  • PIANO/STRING/VOICE: students must have all pieces memorized
  • WIND/BRASS: students are not required to play pieces by memory
  • Technique AND Sight Reading must receive a Good or Excellent rating from the CM Evaluator
  • Theory score must be 80% or higher

MTAC Santa Monica Bay 2020 Certificate of Merit BRANCH HONORS FESTIVAL Eligible Students (will be posted soon • STAY TUNED!)
MTAC Santa Monica Bay 2020 Certificate of Merit THEORY HONOR ROLL (will be posted soon • STAY TUNED!)