CM Branch Honors Festival

MTAC Santa Monica Bay
2017 CM Branch Honors Festival

Alpha Walker, Piano Coordinator

Emily Senchuk, Winds/Brass/Strings/Voice Coordinator

Students/Parents are asked to please communicate with the Chairs through your Teacher.

Branch Honors Festival
        April 29, 2017 (SAT)
        Crossroads School – Roth Hall (Santa Monica)
        Exact recital times will depend on the number of students participating in the Branch Honors Festival.
        Approximate Recital Times are listed below:

            2:15 PM • Recital 1
            3:30 PM • Recital 2
            4:45 PM • Recital 3
            6:00 PM • Recital 4

MTAC Santa Monica Bay Branch Honors Rules & Guidelines
  • Teacher must have applied for Branch Honors consideration on the student evaluation form
  • ALL INSTRUMENTS & VOICE: Levels 4 - Advanced/Panel
  • Student can be in any school grade
  • CM Evaluator selects one piece for Branch Honors Festival
  • Piece selected must receive a 5-, 5 or 5+ rating from the CM Evaluator
  • PIANO/STRING/VOICE: students must have all pieces memorized
  • WIND/BRASS: students are not required to play pieces by memory
  • Repertoire, Technique, AND Sight Reading must receive a Good or Excellent rating from the CM Evaluator
  • Theory score must be 80% or higher

Deadline: April 19, 2017 (WED) at NOON