CM Convention Recommendations

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2017 CM State Convention Recitals

Eligible Students List will be posted by April 1, 2017
Please stay tuned! THANKS!

The MTAC Certificate of Merit® Convention Recitals program is designed to honor students who have demonstrated exceptional skill in all areas of the Certificate of Merit® Evaluations. Students who receive top ratings and have been selected by the Evaluator at CM Evaluations that year are invited to participate in the CM Convention Recitals, which take place at the MTAC Annual Convention.

Student Selection Criteria. Students will be selected on the basis of all of the following:
  • Convention Recital program application form must be accurate and complete.
  • Qualifying pieces must be the same as those performed by the student at CM Evaluations in the same year.
  • All repertoire must be memorized. (Exceptions: Strings Classical era or later sonatas with piano; Winds; Ensembles)
  • All repertoire must have received a rating of Excellent or Good at CM Evaluations that year.
  • Students must receive a rating of Excellent or Good in Technique and Sight-Reading at CM Evaluations that year.
  • Students must receive a score of 80% or higher on the corresponding-level Theory exam.
  • Qualifying pieces must be performed within the time limits specified for the applicable Convention Recital program.
  • Qualifying pieces must be rated 5- or above by the Evaluator at CM Evaluations that year.
Please see the current MTAC Certificate of Merit® Convention Recital Program Guidelines document for more information, including eligible levels for each type of Convention Recitals program and instrument. This document is available in the MTAC Teacher Portal.

2016 CM State Convention Recitals Recommendations

Teachers with recommended students who wish to participate in the MTAC State Convention MUST apply and submit fee payment by April 15, 2016. Please log into your MTAC Teacher Portal and finalize your Convention applications in you CM Student List, click on "Final Conv App" in the scroll-down menu to the right of each student name.