CM Senior Medal Awards

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2017 CM Senior Medal Awards

Eligible Students List will be posted by April 1, 2017
Please stay tuned! THANKS!

A CM Senior Medal Award is presented to a graduating high school senior student in any instrument who:
  1. passes all sections of CM
  2. for three consecutive or non-consecutive years during school Grades 9 through 12
  3. including in their final year of high school
  4. at CM Level 7 or above – is eligible for the Senior Award.
  5. IC Ratings will not affect Senior Award eligibility.
  6. CM Teachers must apply for Senior Award in the Online Registration by October 31
  7. Young Artist Guild students are eligible for the Senior Award if they are accepted into the YAG program in their junior year of high school.
    YAG students will receive their Senior Awards at the State Convention.
  8. Multiple Instruments
    A graduating high school senior who has participated in CM for more than one instrument must apply for the Senior Award for each instrument, and must fulfill the requirements for each instrument separately in order to be eligible.

2016 CM Senior Medal Awards List