Ensemble Festival

MTAC Santa Monica Bay
Ensemble Festival

The Ensemble Festival is now combined with the Romantic & Impressionist Festival and the Student Branch Recitals.
Please enter your student ensembles in one or both of these events.

Students/Parents are asked to please communicate with the Chair through your Teacher.

Romantic & Impressionist Festival
November 6, 2017 (SUN)
    Steinway Piano Gallery – Beverly Hills
    Program 1 • 12:00 PM
    Program 2 • 1:30 PM (If needed)

Student Branch Recitals
January 21, 2017 (SAT)
    Venue TBA
    Program 1 • 4:30 PM
    Program 2 • 3:00 PM (if needed)

Rules & Guidelines
Any ensemble literature
NOTE: two pianos are available this year (2016)
Students are expected to be playing at the highest quality level.

Number of Ensemble Groups & Total Playing Time per Teacher
Each teacher may enter up to three (3) Ensemble Groups with a Total Playing Time of 15 minutes.

Memorization & Performing Experience
Memorization for all Ensemble Groups (chamber music) is optional.
Students must have previous performing experience.

Application Fees
$20 fee per ensemble group (covers all members of the ensemble group)
An ensemble is a chamber music group featuring two or more STUDENT performers, no age limit or restrictions.

  • A student piano duet (piano four hands) or piano duo (if two pianos are available)
  • A student trio (violin, cello, piano)
  • A student soloist with a student pianist
  • A student vocalist and student flutist with a parent/adult pianist
  • At least one member of the ensemble must be a student of an MTAC Santa Monica Bay Branch Teacher.
We would like to encourage family and friends to join together to create chamber ensembles.
An instrumental/vocal student soloist accompanied by a professional collaborative pianist/accompanist does NOT qualify as an ensemble group for this Festival.

Etiquette & Concert Dress
All performers must stay for the entirety of their assigned recital program.
All performers must appear in CONCERT DRESS.