Student Branch Recitals

MTAC Santa Monica Bay
Student Branch Recitals

Deborah H. How & Emily Senchuk, Co-Chairs

Students/Parents are asked to please communicate with the Chairs through your Teacher.

December 13, 2020 (SUN)
June 13, 2021 (SUN) • revised date
5:30pm (if necessary)

Application Form
(will be available 3 weeks before each Student Recital)

Rules & Guidelines

Repertoire & Eligibility

  • Any solo or ensemble literature.
    • Two pianos are available.
  • Students may be any age, including adults.
  • No minimum playing level, but students are expected to be polished and prepared.
  • Students do NOT need to be registered for CM to participate in this Festival.
  • If you have any questions regarding the appropriateness of your literature, please contact Deborah or Emily. Students/Parents are asked to please communicate with the Chair through your Teacher.

Number of Students

  • Each teacher may enter up to a maximum of 15 minutes of total playing time divided among:
    • Solo Performers OR
    • Ensemble Groups OR
    • Solo Performer and Ensemble Groups combined
  • We encourage teachers to submit as many students as they have prepared
  • Any teacher with more than 15 minutes of total playing time should contact the Chair to see if there is enough time to accommodate extra time/students.
Memorization & Performing Experience
  • Memorization for Piano solo literature is mandatory.
  • Memorization for String solo literature (unaccompanied and accompanied) is mandatory.
  • Memorization for Guitar solo literature (unaccompanied and accompanied) is mandatory.
  • Memorization for Voice solo literature (unaccompanied and accompanied) is mandatory.
  • Memorization for Wind/Brass solo literature (unaccompanied and accompanied) is optional, but highly encouraged.
  • Memorization for all Ensemble Groups (chamber music) is optional.

Solo Performers: $20 fee per solo performer

  • Solo Performers must be Students.
  • Solo Performers include:
    • Piano Soloists
    • Wind/Brass/String/Guitar/Voice Soloists (unaccompanied)
    • Wind/Brass/String/Guitar/Voice Soloists (accompanied on piano by non-student collaborative artist, teacher, or parent)

Ensemble Groups: $25 fee per ensemble group (covers all members of the ensemble group)

  • Ensemble Groups are chamber music ensembles of two or more performers.
  • All members of Ensemble Groups must be Students, unless the work is for two or more "soloists" with accompaniment. At least one member of the Ensemble Group must be a student of an MTAC Santa Monica Bay Branch Teacher.
  • Ensemble Groups include:
    • Piano Four Hands (Duets)
    • Piano Six Hands
    • Piano Eight Hands
    • Piano Duos (two pianos available)
    • Instruments and/or Vocal Ensembles with/without piano
Etiquette & Concert Dress
  • All performers must stay for the entirety of their assigned recital program.
  • All performers must appear in CONCERT DRESS.
    For example, NO T-shirts, clothing with advertising, jeans, shorts, sweatpants, mini-skirts, sneakers, or flip flops.