Ensemble Festival

MTAC Santa Monica Bay

Ensemble Festival

The Ensemble Festival is now combined with the Romantic & Impressionist Festival and the Student Branch Recitals.

Please enter your student ensembles in one or both of these events.

Students/Parents are asked to please communicate with the Chair through your Teacher.

Romantic & Impressionist Festival

November 6, 2017 (SUN)

    Steinway Piano Gallery – Beverly Hills

    Program 1 • 12:00 PM

    Program 2 • 1:30 PM (If needed)

Student Branch Recitals

January 21, 2017 (SAT)

    Venue TBA

    Program 1 • 4:30 PM

    Program 2 • 3:00 PM (if needed)

Rules & Guidelines



Any ensemble literature

NOTE: two pianos are available this year (2016)

Students are expected to be playing at the highest quality level.

Number of Ensemble Groups & Total Playing Time per Teacher

Each teacher may enter up to three (3) Ensemble Groups with a Total Playing Time of 15 minutes.

Memorization & Performing Experience

Memorization for all Ensemble Groups (chamber music) is optional.

Students must have previous performing experience.

Application Fees

$20 fee per ensemble group (covers all members of the ensemble group)

An ensemble is a chamber music group featuring two or more STUDENT performers, no age limit or restrictions.


We would like to encourage family and friends to join together to create chamber ensembles.

An instrumental/vocal student soloist accompanied by a professional collaborative pianist/accompanist does NOT qualify as an ensemble group for this Festival.

Etiquette & Concert Dress

All performers must stay for the entirety of their assigned recital program.

All performers must appear in CONCERT DRESS.